Vacation Antalya from Amsterdam 245 EUR/adult (Flight + Hotel)


Period: 6 – 13 June 2017

Flight: 149 EUR/adult (Outbound/Return) includes 20 kg baggage

flight antalya

Hotel Option 1: Flamingo Residence, 192 EUR / 2 adults, 7 nights, rating 4.3/5 on Expedia, double bed, Comfort Penthhouse, free Parking and Internet, non refundable or 226 EUR/2 adults free cancelation. Also, apartment, 1 bedroom 239 EUR/ 2 adults, free parking and Internet, full kitchen

Hotel Option 2: Volkii Hotel, 322 EUR/2 adults, breakfast included, twin room, beach nearby, free cancellation, no prepayment needed, rating 7.8 on

hotel antalya 3

Hotel Option 3: Lara World Hotel, 351 EUR/2 adults, All inclusive, double room, outdoor pool, airport shuttle, rating 7.6

hotel antalya 4




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